Portfolio Site vs. Business Site: What's the Difference?


When starting your own design business, it can be hard to know how to showcase your work online if you're coming from an in-house or agency background. Technically, your personal design business wasn't hired to do that work, so is it ethical to show it on your website? After struggling with this for a long time, I've recently come to a solution that has been working for me for the better part of a year:

Portfolio Site: My portfolio site is my "parent" site. It showcases select projects from the course of my entire career thus far, which includes working in-house, at agencies, and freelancing under my own business, V23 Creative Co. Every project on the site gives credit to the company or agency hired to do the work, so if it's a freelance project that I did under my own business, I simply credit V23 Creative Co.

Business Site: My business site showcases select projects that I was specifically hired to do by my own clients, as well as self-initiated personal projects; however, I do link back to my portfolio site in a couple of places throughout the site so that potential clients can see a wider range of my skills and capabilities as I continue to build my book of business. All of the projects that I currently feature on my business site are also on my portfolio site—but not all of the work on my portfolio site is on my business site.

This is absolutely not the only way to handle this predicament, but just what has been working for me personally. If you've been in this situation, I'd love to hear how you approached this dilemma—leave your thoughts below or on Instagram!